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"Production Workshop Minutes"

21 january 2001

present: kate, chris, sam, mac, maria, david, dov, seth, liz, alix, & alex
guests: jaimi green, Jerome, eli, and yaz

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! and all those other niceties.

READY FOR PW'S Spring Semester?!?!
we're still trying to figure that out

1st Slot: things are proceeding smoothly, sets up, lines are down. doing wonderfully
-this from jaimi green
we say: yeah, U2 - stellar start!

Upstairs Space: the MFA playwrights have the space reserved for a week (next?) from 10 -6 for
workshop/lecture/possible performance by a writer flown in from abroad.
more news to come, we shall keep you posted.

2nd Slot: Kate tells us we may have as many as six proposals!!!
Yeah, idealistic intentions!
they are: (1) Jerome saibal and eli batillion (?, sorry) w/ “an orginial script”
(2) Marc Roberts
(3) Tara Summers w/ School for Scandal
(4) Greg Machlin
(5) Chrs Hayes w/ a musical adaptation by Ben Kruger & Sasha Gordon of Pnin (a novel by Vladimir Nabokov. yes the Lolita guy)
(6) and a mystery person
- preliminary proposals due by thurs 1/25
- final proposal due by sat 1/27 (late afternoon)
- PW Board staged/group reading of scripts: sat 1/27 8pm.

- seeing as our decision meeting for 2nd slot is this Sunday we will have our next regular meeting on the following Sunday at which we will discuss revisions to the show packet as well as finalize/legalize/legitimize the policy(ies) adopted regarding the upstairs space. Everyone should read over the Show packet for any glaring errors regarding content (but if form is bothersome these will also be considered). But the following sections/areas should be looked at as follows: (1) Sound Stuff- Sam
(2) Policy on Upstairs Space- Mac (trans. our disc. last Dec.)
(3) Ticketing Policy/Reserves - Seth & Chris
(4) Revise Jobs on Show Packet- Liz
(5) Paint Room- Dov
(6) Miranda Rights re: Upstairs Space - Dave
(7) All other little changes- me
(i.e. pm @ meeting, emptying of trash and locking of doors)
- the constitution will be revised the Sunday after this…


SAM: Web/tix policy massively overhauled and perfected; changes incl: the need for the insertion of an SISD #, limiting PW patrons to a single night of reserving.

Inner Office conversion to BOX OFFICE/UPSTAIRS DRESSING/PROPS ROOM discussed and underway. sam, mac & others will be making some holes

PW has received a donation from Nick Rosenblum's father which is being matched by the Projo. This means more better theater (and worse grammar!) and we'd like to send a big shot out to Nick and His DAD!!! PW & Brown THANKS YOU for your GENEROSITY!

MAC: We've agreed to allow Mike McGarty Advance Set Design class to use the downstairs entrance to access their new drafting room in the former dressing rooms of Russell Lab. This means they'll receive keys.

KATE: Looking into seeting platforms for upstairs space

(1) Show Packet Stuff
(2) GRANTS!!!
(3) Proposing to PW MTG?
(4) Painting graffiti'd areas near shop & what not

PW is: Alex Aixala, Seth Bockley, Liz Drew, Maria Goyanes, Paul Grellong, Chris Hayes, Lila Rose Kaplan, Sam Kusnetz, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, David Meyers, Kate Shaw, Alix Sobler, Mac Vaughey, Sarah DiGregorio (on leave) Rachael Miller (on leave) and Zina Miller (on leave).


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