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"Production Workshop Minutes"

25 february 2001

present: maria, dov, chris, alix, david, paul, sam, rachael, mac, liz, lila, alex & alison g.

1st off… congratulations to maria g. and the whole venus crew for an amazing run!!! nice work kids. it felt like pw on the mainstage… ouch!

2nd slot - things are going okay. some budget questions regarding reimbursements (more to come on that matter) for out of pocket purchases. other than that wall was raised, floors painted, lights hung and we should be getting ticket reserves very very soon…
nice work alison!

Upstairs Space:
SOFA gig this past thursday was great except for the fact that someone decided to adhere numermous as220 stickers to the space. no corrective measures will be applied immediately (i.e., keeping deposit) but david will speak with the organizer and relate our concerns… which are: when the upstairs space is given to a group or student for any event, we request that it be returned in the condition it was lent. this is both out of respect to future users of the space and board members who oversee its tidiness. So word to the wise please be kind to space and it will be kind to you

Marc Roberts will be building a “set” in the wing of the upstairs space march 2 for filming on the 10th… sounds exciting… all users of the space please do not tamper or alter the setup, thank you

3rd slot update… we've got three proposals… weehee!
interested in doing some work on one of the shows? contact PAUL @ … technical directors make yourself known to the world your services are required.

Show Packet -
tentatively finished…. it will and should be continued to be given out at the PW board meeting ensuing the decision meeting for the upcoming slot. At this meeting director and crew are asked to attend!

Box Office -
will be being done up this thursday courtesy of paul, chris and liz… reqs and ideas needed! will call vs. unwill call. what does will call really mean after all? these and other issues questions to be resolved by this weekend when the box office gets its glorious debut.
house managers should open doors upon arrival but can open windows when ready to distribute tickets.

School Ushering list:

Fri. 2/2
HM: Rachael; U: Lila, mac & maria
Sat 2/3
HM: Alix; U: Alex, Sam & Seth
Sun 2/4
HM: Liz; U: Rachael & Mac
Mon 2/5
HM: Paul; U: Chris, Dave

Downstairs Space:
sound panelling fell the other day. what to do? for now we'll paint it. Sam will speak with dean inman about fixing. we contemplate re sound dampening the whole space. we contemplated it and decided we'd contemplate more. hey one big overhaul a year is pretty good for a student theatre don't ya think?

Okay so here's the deal.
If you are working in PW and you need to purchase items for the show, you NEED to use the REQ system. What this means is… and we recognize the inconvenience and annoyance this can be in the lighting quick world of consumer exchange in which we dwell… is you have to go to the store you are interested in purchasing items for and price the items you wish to buy. then you ask your PM to ask sam or mac for a req to said store. MAKE SURE THEY TAKE REQs!
If you decide to pay your own money for items, well then you've just purchased them from your own pocket. Basically we cannot write post-purchase reqs to other stores where you buy things of interest to you. We recognize their are sometimes special/time-oriented circumstances and these will be dealt with on a case by case basis. But, the idea that i'll buy this and PW'll reimburse me with a bookstore req is BAD thinking.

Mac- space safety: we need to look out for the technical projects under way in the downstairs space. bozos should check in with set designers and tds about how there things are going which leads to issue of staff communication. if you work on a PW show and you are having difficulties please speack with the PM or your PW BOZO… they are there to aid the process and understand that difficulties and differences arise, but they must come to the surface and be dealt with asap

Rachael: the word will be out to the masses via print and air about SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL > Alex: i won't be at next weeks meeting Maria: i'll take up the minutes. Alex: thanks

and with that over and out…

come see SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL this weekend!

next week: 1) Meet 3rd slot Staff 2) Box Office - did it get done? how did it work? should we brainstorm another option? 3) Grants 4) Strike List 5) MF's coming into the space… what's our role 6) Technical and Proposal Workshops? 7) Word on the Constitution? 8) Fixing up the inner office/ area behind the box office 9) sound tiles & the downstairs space love, alex

p.s. come see LEAR!!!

PW is: Alex Aixala, Seth Bockley, Liz Drew, Maria Goyanes, Paul Grellong, Chris Hayes, Lila Rose Kaplan, Sam Kusnetz, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Rachael Miller, David Myers, Kate Shaw, Alix Sobler, Mac Vaughey, Sarah DiGregorio (on leave) and Zina Miller (on leave).


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