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"Production Workshop Minutes"

4 february 2001

presente: Maria, Rachael, Allison Geffner, Kate, Sam, Dov, Chris, Paul, Seth, Liz, Alex, Mac, Lila, Alix & Seth (from Brown Film Society?)

2nd Slot - hey everybody the school for scandal is cast! and tara & crew got an excellent cast including our very own Dovness
- we agreed on their budget $550
- changes in the set design have been made in order to reduce building costs (wisely done Nick)
- the design and technical crew will “Meet the Board” next Sunday

Let's talk about STRIKE!!!
here ye, here ye, strike will begin at 9:30. as usual Alex will order the pizzas
Strike Roll call:
Running - Kate & Dov
Hot Room- Paul
Costume Shop- Rachael
Electrics - Mac
Inner Office - Alix
Shop- Chris & Alex
Furniture & Props - Lila
Dumpster & Up-space yard sale: “DB”
Floating: Sam, Maria, Liz


Kate will be in charge. Rachael will be making posters they'll be in the SAO by mon/tues. POSTER. FREE MONEY FOR MORE ART!!! remember this money is to aid those interested in public displays of art and other artistic media. any Q's call Kate @453-2079

Speaking of Postering. newly revised poster zones
Alex: MCM, Faunce Breezeway & Brown Bookstore
Seth: Kenney
Liz: Smith Buomono(?) & Grad Center & Brown St. Pillars
Paul: Lyman & Blistein
Maria: TWC & Lyman Parking Lot
Chris: PW & Louis' & Orwig & Young O & his kitchen
Lila: Ratty/Wriston
Sam: Lyman Parking Lot & CIT & Hegeman
Dov: Perkins & Ratty/Wriston
Rachael: GCB (yeah, 21!) & New Dorm
David: Barbour
Kate: RS studies, Alumnae Hall, Sarah Doyle
Alix: Blistein, Rites & Reason, AC, Ocean
Mac: Main Green

Paul will be the liaison between PW and the Graduate Playwrights so as to ease the scheduling and procedural matters that will arise due to NEW PLAYS.

Hey. Seth who organizes the B. Film. Society is interested in understanding PW's structure in order to institute it as a governing/organizational body for the production of undergraduate film work at Brown. I guess we must be doing something write. Do you do film and have interest in heading such a group? Contact the Alex (831-2416) and he'll put you in contact with Seth.

Lila: the heat's pretty bad in pw. Solutions?
(1) check thermostat in South wall and lower prior to show
(2) if possible prop north wall door during perf. but monitor any strange entrances
(3) Sam will inquire about other machines to ease the profound heat!

Kate: ladder was borrowed will be returned. quotes on seating platforms from Tim to come.

1. Lighting Meeting ?
2. Mac & Sam will do some inquiries into inner office/box office window & stuff
3. will contact plant ops regarding Ethernet outlets, heating & cooling & other maintenance issues.
4. doing well with budgets
5. Will talk with Dov about paint & paint supplies!

1.) we need to be more respectful of returning “new” scripts so as to ease the financial burden of printing. AGREED.
2.) Reimburse Ben for lost scripts

Paul will be the 3rd slot member
The Nebraska Project original cast recordings are on sale at the Brown Bookstore and vis a vis Paul @ 8US. liked the show? get one. contact paul @ 861-9134 or email at: Paul_Grellong

(1) Gaf tape needs to be ordered. and mac offered to do so.
(2) Envelopes for inner office? Liz will donate & Alex will buy supplies with a req for Brown Bookstore.
(3) Paper Cutter? Seth's on that!
(4) Track for Shop corridor? Sam's on that!

Alix: “Seth could you please check the voice mail?”
Seth: “will do!”

Rachael will look into tuning the Piano. [offstage sound of wonderfully tuned piano]

Seth: “People let's get on the same page about PW press!” okay. new ideas regarding press responsibilities will be addressed to directors & PM's as well as in the NEW SHOW PACKET.
but, till then, Rachael's in charge of telling the paparazzi about all the lurid and steamy detail about the inner workings of our shows!

1. Sam read sound stuff we're down
2. Seth read tix policy. will add info regarding possible choice of designing of tix
3. Alix will write up policy about Archives & Costume Shop
4. Liz will send notes about Job descriptions
5. Any other critique to be sent to Mac & Alex by Tues. afternoon for our revision by next meeting. the PW bible will be sent via email by fri/sat of this week!

over and out faithful bat friends tune in next week for
- news of our new box office!
- scandalous encounters
- constitutional matters (brush up!)
- conversations over bagels & coffee

same bat place, different bat time 12pm
alls well that ends well, alex

PW is: Alex Aixala, Seth Bockley, Liz Drew, Maria Goyanes, Paul Grellong, Chris Hayes, Lila Rose Kaplan, Sam Kusnetz, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Rachael Miller, David Myers, Kate Shaw, Alix Sobler, Mac Vaughey, Sarah DiGregorio (on leave), and Zina Miller (on leave).


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