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"Production Workshop Minutes"

26 august 2001

Attendance: Mac, David, Neil, Alex, Rachael, Sarah, Zina, Rebecca

First slot update, Alex: It's going well except that Costume designer Julliane Wade is MIA. They will be working at the Gate/Jo9s September 7th. Neil is the Bozo.

Upstairs space, David: Booked through September already! 9/4 thru 9/9 Cardboard Box's “What the Butler Saw.” 9/8 A Day In the Space. Does Michael Linden want the space 9/14 thru 16? Dave will investigate.

Box office, Alex: supplies belong in the inner office, not in the box office where random people can randomly pilfer them at our expense. Let's start a little non-circulating library in the box office and bind all our loose scripts. Send Alex the titles of original plays produced at PW so we can get the scripts together.

Archives, Alex: Librarians/Archivists = Dave, Sarah, and Rebecca. The job is to maintain the library, get program, poster, and tickets from each show, and maintain a hard copy of all the minutes.

Day in the Space Shifts: Discuss next week. Alex will do the poster.

Supplies: Gel (Let's get a flat file to maintain it, and ask every show for $15 of new gel. add this to the show packet.) bolt of duvatine and muslin.

The Floor: Is f***ed up. Will colder weather help it? We could 1. Screw it down, 2. back staircase flooding into the space, leaks in the SE corner, in the shop, in the electrics room.

Activities Fair: Saturday, September 1st, 5.30-8. All board members welcome. We need old show pics, posters. Also, we need to make a poster or two. Sarah will make a hand-out about 3C2C and proposal guidelines. Also, we should publicize HLTD.

$$$–Mac: In a nutshell, we got more than last year but nothing for grants. We do have an 3extra2 $400/semester for the Upstairs Space, 1 G in the cash box, the secret fund. We have less 3big spending money than we had before, but we9re OK.2

Grants: Should we solicit applications but not promise any $$? Then, if we see something we really like, we can have a fundraiser for it OR just shell out the cash.

Re-examining the original intent of grants: They shouldn9t go to theater-releated stuff, especially no to a theater agency/group. Let9s reach out to the larger artistic community (RISD) via publicity. Rachael will head up grants.

Alex: Proposales due to mentor (Neil and Alex) 9/11, due to board 9/13. 9/15 Decision Mtg. Sarah will do the poster. Auditions=9/18-20.

New Jobs: (Do Sam's list next week) Upstairs=David Electrics=Mac, Neil Shop=Dov, Rebecca New Members=Alex Key Person=Mac First Aid Replenisher=Lila Email person=Lila Costume shop=Sarah Publicity=Rachael

Postering: Discuss next week.

How to Propose to PW2 wkshp/tech wkshp: Discuss next week

Reserve banner space=Mac

A Day in the Space for Grad Playwrights: Alex and Neil are setting this up and inviting them to the theater open house.

Things we've been yapping about for a while and will do later: light board monitor, printer, inventory for the upstairs space, new dimmer packs for the upstairs space, seating “rizors”,2 curtain tracks for box office and entrance to shop hallway, new acoustic paneling downstairs.


Rachael: Ads in the Daily Jolt? It's $6/day, is there a group rate? BDH adds? Zina Alex says they used to review shows on air. What about BSR?

Mac: Big projects we should do this year
1. Upstairs space: painting the ceiling black, dimmer board and real dimmers. This costs 7 G, or maybe Tim is getting rid of the Leeds board? We could make 3C2C (Parents' Wknd.) into a fundraiser for this with a party after the shows.

2. PW takeover of entire TF Green bldg. Get on this quick because Eng. Dept. will be out this year. Propose to Dean Inman that we administer as a student performing arts give space to dancer, musical forum, some bands, comedy groups. Rm behind Russel could become electrics storage. Mac will talk to Dean Inman this week.

3. Discuss both 1. and 2. more next week.

Alex: Let's talk to Trinity about giving us discounts because of the grad program merger.

Mac: let's talk about what we're speding money on… a flat file is good for both gel and archives.

Remember to email me or the board ahead of time if you're not going to be there.

PW is: Alex Aixala, Neil Alger, Seth Bockley, Sarah DiGregorio, Lila Rose Kaplan, Sam Kusnetz, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Rachael Miller, Zina Miller, David Myers, Rebecca Rouse, Mac Vaughey and Liz Drew (on leave).


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