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"Production Workshop Minutes"

15 april 2001

the “being jewish in RI” issue…
subtitled: ZINA'S BACK!

present: david, Laura, Neil, cari, Michele, Abi, Dov, Rebecca, Liz, Nina, Jaime, Gayle, maria, Mac, Alex, Jeff, Amy, Rachael, gabe, Zina, Ny, Seth, Emily, Teresa, Chris

Congratulations to the staff for a killer proposal…
Auditions should be happening this week, be on the lookout for posters with dates and times…
Mac is the bozo for the show, and commencement slot housing is being taken care of for 40 people…

At next week's board meeting, Sunday @ 1PM - we will meet the Black Rider staff and welcome them to PW, along with dispersing show packets and a high-five.

FIRST SLOT PROPOSALS ARE DUE TO SAM BY TUESDAY, APRIL 24th - please contact him at or 867-6573 if you are interested in applying or have any questions about staff, etc…Performance dates are next semester - tentative opening night: September 21st

*ALIX - have you made the first slot poster?

ADOCH IS THIS WEDNESDAY from 11:30 to 1 PM in Meehan Auditorium followed by A DAY IN THE SPACE in PW from 12-4. There will be cool tours and free food, so even if you're no pre-frosh, stop by if you want a more detailed look at PW!
*BOARD: please give any pictures/photos you have of shows in pw to Dov and Liz or bring them to Meehan so we can have a cool display…SAM is making the maps to give out…

At Meehan (from 11:30 to 1) will be: Dov, Liz, Seth (?)
(ALIX is buying munchkins and soda for the tours)
Giving tours at pw:
Alix: 12 - ?
Rachael: 12-2
Dov: 2-3
Chris: 1-3
Maria: 2-4
Liz: 3-4
and Mac will be building downstairs…

the Golem is going well - they are going to do two shows on Sunday, a matinee and a 7 PM - to be able to invite all the jewish people in rhode island :)

We got 14 new member applications!!! more than ever in the history of the oldest people on the board!!! Woohoo!

Have you voted for UCS reps yet? Do so now at:

Next week, Alex will be printing out a paper copy of an unscheduled calendar so we can take a look at our options…

Sam, someone complained about the minutes not being up on the web lately…just letting you know :)

Rachael and Maria are on the curtain rack hunt…



Tuesday: Max Bean and his puppet show
(Rachael or Maria (?) is letting them in on Tuesday at 6:30 PM, David is monitoring from 8 to 10)

Wednesday: ART/ ROCK SHOW
***David is letting the grad playwrights know that this event will conflict with their performance…
(Maria is letting in Elana at 5 Pm, David and Alex are monitoring from 8 to 10, Rachael and Zina from 10- 12, and Dov and Maria from 12-1 PM)

Thursday: Max Bean's Puppet Show Encore…
(Seth (?) is letting them in at 6:30 and then monitoring the show since he will be in the downstairs space at the time - lots of runnig up and down - boo yeah!)

Friday: Liz Sklar's Show
(Liz Drew is letting her in at 7 and monitoring)

Saturday: Liz Sklar's Show
(Alex is letting her in at 7 and Seth is monitoring at 8)

Sunday: Liz Sklar's Show
(Dov is letting her in at 7 and monitoring)

Moving on,
Liz has typed up the House manager speech, which will be e-mailed to Dean Inman and given in hard copy form to Phil O'Hara…

Seth and Alix are rewriting the Constitution…

Concerning the email list usage, etc:
- There will only be one pw e-mail a week unless the issue is pressing and decided by the board to be so
- In the Miranda Rights for the Upstairs Space, any users of the upstairs Space will know that they have the opportunity of advertising their event on the pw e-mail newsletter if request is received before the day the e-mail normally goes out - which is a Monday this semester…
- The e-mail will be divided into a table of Contents so-to-speak, so people know where to look…
- non-PW events will be included on a case by case basis…

In terms of board participation,
we have gotten so much done this semester and we can't start slacking now, especially with new board members on the horizon - not only does a lot still need to get done (like the amount of Upstairs Space shows that need to be monitored), but we should also set a good example for new board members as to how we have made this board pro-active and how it should continue to be pro-active… 2 issues came up at the past meeting (only half the board was there) that will be brought up next weekend…
- Understanding that pressing situations come up, how much flexibility should a board member have not to attend meetings without officially taking a leave from the board…
-Should a board member who has not consistently been to meetings be allowed to vote in decision meetings…

The issues that stemmed this discussion were specifically monitoring for Upstairs Space shows, and other responsibilities that become a burden to the few that do come to meetings…

Also, please e-mail the board if you are not coming. It is not enough to just tell someone. Then, for example, the secretary can look at the agenda and say “Hey, strike is this weekend, I know you can't come to the meeting but can you sign up for something?”

We are a great group of people and a great board. Let's keep it great.

love, maria

PW is: Alex Aixala, Seth Bockley, Liz Drew, Maria Goyanes, Paul Grellong, Chris Hayes, Lila Rose Kaplan, Sam Kusnetz, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, Rachael Miller, David Myers, Kate Shaw, Alix Sobler, Mac Vaughey, Sarah DiGregorio (on leave) and Zina Miller.


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Taken by maria, htmlized by sam

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