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Here: me, allison, elliot, ross, todd, hannah, albert, alex she, daria, jessie

visiting: adria

Adria bussiness: Rocky

What is she allowed to use in the shop? She should bring a list of what she wants to Allison and Andrew

Fireproofing? Velvet? - we decide that we will pay for 1 gallon of fireproofing. *Does anyone who wasn't at the meeting have a problem with us giving MF the same deal we give to PW slots?*

3rd slot

rights are on their way to the SAO.

Things going pretty well.

Another design run on Thursday, 11pm production meeting

Sarah will ask Woyzeck people to get reqs.

New Directors

Shows Fri 8, Sat 8, Sun 5. Everyone should come! We don't need monitors because elliot/james will be there. can I call you jamelliot?

programs- we will do the usual- a table outside with someone with programs.

Put new directors up on the website.

we will put up posters after tuesday. We have lots of posters, please put them up!!!


new directors this week

Commencement slot

Aaron cutler and Adam Roberts are proposing

First slot

possible proposals: David Harrington, JD Nasaaw, Charlaaay, Andrew, Angie/Erin, Brendan Pelsue


we have keys for the newest and oldest members!!!!!! (as in, keys for the new mems and one for Todd. Upon receiving his spankin' new Lad 24 Todd promptly loses his Lad 22)

Audition workshop

failed miserably. Next semester we should have them at the start of the semester- after first slot s&b auditions.


are we on the official schedule? we don't know.

adoch is 17th and 18th of april.

bbq is april 18th 1-4pm

lots of people can't make it, especially elliot and hannah

but we will invite McGarty

Grants subcommittee

need to reconvene

Hannah will forward the info again and a scheduling email for the grants folks.

Soundproofing Todd: “oh, that's me”

Piano still there

Dimmers Todd talked to Wolf and he didn't respond. Todd will try the phone tomorrow.

Seating plats Alex is a wanker. We table seating plats (which I just read as eating plats)

Empty Space will cost $50 for 18 photos. Ross will buy them and get reimbursed. And he and Todd will talk about foam.

costs $15-35 for a plaque.

Justin's budget proposal: problems?

a couple spelling things? that 'fall' instead of 'spring' error?


Sarah: go to the shop for a surprise.

Allison: Ross- when is hazmat?

let's go to 6 flags!!!!! look at schedules peoples

Elliot: Summer studies- Mark Cohen was very sorry about Lowry's assumption that summer studies could use PW. We decide they can use PW. the positions need to be filled.

Dates: June 25-Aug 4. classes will be 6 days/wk 9am-6pm. night rehearsals 7:30-11. This night time is the main time PW people(s) will need to be there to monitor, etc. when no 'adults' are around.

Those interested: Tara, Elliot, Allison. Anyone else?

Sarah will email her old contract to Elliot

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