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"Production Workshop Minutes"

3 april 2001


the “thank you Jesse Chan-Norris issue for the seating platform catalogue” issue…

Present: Alex, Seth, Alix, Paul, Maria, Mac, Liz, Rachael, Sam, Kerry, Jaime, David

*next Sunday's meeting is at the regular time of 1 PM

“Everything you wanted to know about yourself but were afraid to ask Freud” by those funny guys Jerome and Eli!
Playing Friday - Monday at 8 PM, with an added performance on Friday at 10 PM…

-The house manager/usher list has been sent out already, please sign up if you haven't already!-

SETH - are you making tickets, ticket person? DON'T FORGET TO CUT THEM. The house is 80 seats.

Jaime is talking to Dov about securing the seating platforms…

COMMENCEMENT SLOT PROPOSALS are due to the lovely mentor - Seth - by Tuesday April 10th…e-mail Seth_Bockley is you want to apply or have any questions…the posters are in the SAO, so BOARD, please pick them up and go to town!

Speaking of slots…
1st slot proposals are due to Mentor Sam on the 24th of April - e-mail Sam_Kusnetz if you're interested in proposing…

Alex is taking care of booking audition space for Commencement and First slot…

NEW MEMBERS applications are due to the board meeting Sunday at 1 PM, hand delivered. The applications are on the pw website at or in the Becker Library, Lyman Hall. WE NEED NEW BLOOD!!!!
(*David is making the poster)

Kerry Silva (and the Cardboard Box theater company) will be transporting some folding chairs and seating platforms to the Upstairs Space during strike next week for the performance of her play…they will be promptly returned afterward :)

Mac has the coke machine guy's actual phone number (valued merchandise) and hints at a bigger better machine coming our way in the future…with hopefully more Dr. P!

Kate - Have the rizors for the Upstairs Space been ordered?

Liz is checking on the ADOCH schedule to make sure we don't miss the boat…

Mac spoke with Dean Inman about the house manager speech - as part of the deal with the university, pw house managers are required to state at the beginning of each performance where the fire exits can be located (there must be two readily accessible), and that there will be no eating, drinking, and smoking in the space. It's policy, no joke. (Liz is typing the house manager speech for Phil O'Hara to keep in our records)

Alex is writing a letter to the Grad Playwrights to invite them to a Day in the Space of their own to discuss the pw/grad playwrights relationship (which hasn't been extraordinary in the past…)

CHRIS - find out about curtain racks.

The new phone line in the Upstairs Space is going to happen next semester to spite all the seniors on the board…

Tabled for next week:
-Musical forum
-Grad playwright's Day in the Space
-Golem and auditions/casting “talk”

cha cha cha.

PW is: Aleshandro Aishala, Paulossus Gerellong, Candi Sobler, Maria Goyabean, Christwo-pher Hayes, Katarina Shaw's, Knight of the Living Fork Kusnetz, Rachael MillerHighLife, Seth Bocaburger, Boss “get there” Drew, Lila “smell my rose” kaplan, Wesley Willis Meyers, Dov LeibomyNowakalone, and Maximus “Chia Balls” Vaughee.


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