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"Production Workshop Minutes"

24 september 2000

present: Seth, Alex, Alix, Mac, Maria, Sam, Chris, Zina, SarahDi, Rachael

special guests: Amy, Charlotte

The duck has flown….

TIME TO STRIKE (at approx. 10:45 PM):
running: Sam
shopping: Kate, Seth
electrifying: Mac
costuming: Alix and SarahDi
props/upstairs: Zina and Rachael
furnituring: Chris
keeping the room hot: Maria
flooring: Paul and Lila Prop Moving day has moved to the Macbeth strike - when we'll have new shelves!! Why don't PW shows ever start on time?
Don't fret, they will from now on… House Managers are expected to get to PW by 7:00 PM (the house manager on the first Friday show should be there at least by 6:45 PM to clean up the space)… RESERVES go to the waiting list if not picked up by 7:40 PM (only exception: parents specifically coming all the way from Ohio) THE HOUSE OPENS AT 7:40 PM. (so if you want a ticket you better come before) There will be two tables on either side of the door, one marked for people with reserves, and the other for people who just showed up and want a ticket… TO REVIEW:
1/4 of the house goes to cast reserves FOR NON-BROWN PEOPLE ONLY. (Please don't make us be mean to you)…1/2 of the number of seats left goes to tickets online, the remaining half to the door… Bozo's must give the cast the “Karen Longest speech” before taking reserves (emphasizing when they are due) OK, enough about tickets let's talk about 3rd SLOT!!!!
Proposals are due to your friendly mentor (Maria @831-5233) by October 3rd.
Call her to apply by that date…
It's a juicy slot - 4 weeks in the space!!!
You know you want it! October 18th is Alex Aixala's birthday… PW board mailing lists are only to be used for PW related activities… 3 CHAIRS 2 CUBES
submissions are coming up….check posters for details or call Alix if you have any questions at 521-5438… we should have new amps downstairs in a couple of weeks - tabled:
-new plays festival
-40th anniversary over and out…

PW is: Alex Aixala, Seth Bockley, Sarah DiGregorio, Maria Goyanes, Paul Grellong, Chris Hayes, Lila Rose Kaplan, Sam Kusnetz, Rachael Miller, Zina Miller, Kate Shaw, Alix Sobler, Mac Vaughey, and Jarrett Byrnes (on leave).


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