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"Production Workshop Minutes"

3 september 2000

present: Sam, Paul, Alex, Candi with a heart over the “i”, Lila, Zina, Chris, Rachael, Mac, Kate, Maria, Kristin (MAT student interested in PW. yey!)

(and what a long one it was…)

Come tour our lovely theater and eat our even more lovely food!
It's this SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 9th from 1-5 PM
PW is located at 5 Young Orchard Avenue, right next to the Orwig Music Building… or just follow the barbecue smoke!

(Lila and Candi are buying the lovely supplies; our even more lovely tour guides will be Chris, Kate, Sam, Candi, and Zina)

THE WILD DUCK, which is PW's first downstairs slot of the semester, will be opening Friday, September 22nd and run through September 25th. SO MARK YOUR CALENDARS and be on the lookout for posters with the showtimes…

speaking of slots…

SECOND SLOT proposals are due on the 12th of September to our friendly AND lovely mentor Alex A. So if your interested in directing your favorite play or even your not so favorite play but you like it a lot or just have some questions, call Alex at 831-2416. Performance dates: October 13th through 16th in PW's Downstairs Space.
(Be on the lookout for posters a la Rachael)

and speaking about how the word “lovely” has been completely and utterly overused in these minutos…

PW's UPSTAIRS SPACE is up for the booking!! So if you need some space for an art exhibit, a poetry slam, or just good ol' rehearsal, call Zina “Warrior Princess” Miller at x74844. She'll let you know if the date you want is available :)

(Mac and Sam are looking into buying new clip lights for the Upstairs Space…Sam is also talking to Plant Ops/Facilities management/whoever you talk to about giving the Upstairs Space a little makeover…more details later)

Speaking of makeovers…

The PROPS ROOM is going to be completely moved down to the newly made-over Hot Room (I wonder what happened…it looks great in there:)

JOBS. see jobs.

Keeney: Alex A
Rock, Blistien: Maria
Wriston, Keeney Wall, Ratty: Chris and Lila
New Dorm, AC: Candi
Lyman: Paul
Orwig/Perkins,Young O: Mac
JoePembroke: Zina
List: Kate
Parking Lot: Sam
*there are new regulations so only poster where you see posters and we
should be fine :)

Holly, the theater dept's new production coordinator will hopefully be attending next week's meeting to talk about “faculty advising” and etc.

PW's 40th Anniversary is this semester!
We've got a lot of things cooking, including a subcomittee and maybe a mini arts fest. Alex A, Candi, Lila, and Paul are looking into bringing alumni to come speak etc…

Chris is talking to the Lecture Board about bringing up PW alumni…

And how about a night of screenings…
Alix, Kate and Chris are on top of screening new independant films in the Upstairs Space…

(well, Sam's supposed to be looking harder than the rest of us :)

Is that it?
Oh my lord, thatThese were the longest minutes of my life.
I love pee-dubs.

PW is: Alex Aixala, Seth Bockley, Sarah DiGregorio, Maria Goyanes, Paul Grellong, Chris Hayes, Lila Rose Kaplan, Sam Kusnetz, Rachael Miller, Zina Miller, Kate Shaw, Alix Sobler, Mac Vaughey, and Jarrett Byrnes (on leave).


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