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"Production Workshop Minutes"

19 november 2000

secretary pro-tempore: alejandro aixala.

present: alex, sam, chris, paul, sarah, lila, seth, zina
thanks giving: mac, maria, kate
translating: alix
new membersing: liz drew, brendan baron, jaimi green, rebecca rouse, gabe kahane, dov liebowitz-novak, liz sklar
requesting: nate stumpf

1.) nate spoke w/ us about his show needs. when we informed him about electrician he thought he might just trying “borrowing” our booms and some clip lights. He'll contact us again about further developments. He requested the usage of our email list, we tried explaining why we couldn't. He was puzzled. We were persistent. Perhaps if we become more involved then we'll see about email list otherwise… its policy.

2.) upstairs space:
thanksgiving week -> musical forum
following week -> rebecca melsky & story theatre on fri.? should be good…. lets talk it up!

3.) 1st slot…
at present three proposals are hearsay…
a.) jenny gaskins w/ U2 are guilty by kobo abe (a scathing look at the “downfall” of a once radical irish band who fell into the dark spell of capitalism) b.) alison geffner w/ 3 new plays by Jeb havens
c.) jon martin w/ le petit prince
d.) gabe kahane w/ a bright room called day by tony kushner
… also, all the proposals are have difficulty finding staff… alix would know the specifics she's the mentor… so if you happen to have misplaced a knowledgable td, me or designer here and there please make yourself known we will not bite you for it.

4.) we patted ourselves on the back about the arts collaborative week & reminisced about john emigh's sons nightmares (yeah, board!)

5.) charlie brown: they'll email us about checking seating platforms so they are up to snuff…

6.)1st slot audition space on Dec. 7th…done! its in petteruti from 6-11 pm (yeah alex!)

7.) Calendar:
a.) everyone stop by the becker and pick one up
b.) sam will reserve banner space for our shows
c.) we will talk about rehearsals & audition bookings next meeting… sorry!
d.) it is revealed that alex has a secret anti-semitic myopia (probably owing to his identity issues) & scheduled 3rd slot over the weekend of passover…
(bad alex!)

8.) 2nd slot…
no we are not picking it this semester… (if seth had picked up his calender we would not be forced to say, “bad seth!”) but unconventionally on the first sunday after we get back so…
alix is making posters & tell your friends tell your enemies get aboard the peace train cause if you don't start getting a staff now then it'll be even harder to get one later

9.) show packets –tabled… but added to our nec. addendums are painting etiquette and procedures which will decipher from the odd golden plates sam found buried in the sink which explains why sarah thinks it doesn't drain but really it does just the plates were in the way…
… we also decided our board is under represented in terms of people who know arcane, ancient tounges often used to instigate new religions… perhaps we should have an outreach about this?

10.) props room move… yes my friends it will happen & the next strike… & elbow room clean up… is somebody gonna come take our stuff, maria? should we advertise a pw garbage sale for the next strike?

11.) We've decided we'd like to follow maria's trailblazing example and place pw audition scripts in the twc if that's cool with them…

12.) mike mgarty involvement at pw… tabled

13.) how cool our board is…tabled

14.) why alex is complete fool?
a series of hypothesi reign no single unity was decided, but then what are we if not a plurality of texts under the false consciousness of totalized subjectivity, duh.
(pretensious, alex)

15.) sans the new members…
a testament to how much student theatre rocks:
11 new member proposals…
(chris aren't you feeling like we got really lucky that nobody else applied when we did…i am)
including: stephanie wang '02, freddie gonzalez '03, david myers '03, alison geffner '03, liz drew '03, brendan baron '03, liz sklar '03, gabe kahane '03, dov liebowitz-novak '04, rebecca rouse '04, jaimi green '04…

lastly new members decision meeting:
NOVEMBER 27th, 11:30 pm, upstairs space…
applications should be in inner office by wednesday…(sorry about by lateness here… my car got broken into paper stuff… life in shambles… )
if you don't have them by the time you get back get ahold of me… i'll get them to you

…p.s. this was fun maria, but i think we will all breath a sigh of relief when you start running our meetings again… alex was at times so poorly organized and unable to keep us on a singular discussion… he digresses so much and he just smelled really bad so get back soon!

PW is: Alex Aixala, Seth Bockley, Sarah DiGregorio, Maria Goyanes, Paul Grellong, Chris Hayes, Lila Rose Kaplan, Sam Kusnetz, Zina Miller, Kate Shaw, Alix Sobler, Mac Vaughey, Rachael Miller (on leave) and Jarrett Byrnes (on leave).


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