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"Production Workshop Minutes"

12 november 2000

present: Alex, Chris, Kate, Sarah, Mac, Maria, David Myers, Allison Geffner, Seth, Sam



And please try and attend as many of the events as you can.

On a side note, Mac is putting up booms and pipes for a coat check in the Downstairs Space on PW Prom night. Everyone is responsible for their own coats. Do we have hangers?

Alix has the list of which board members are monitoring what night. Contact her if you forgot.

Maria is calling the Salvation Army and other donation places to pick up our junk

and the new PROP ROOM looks amazing!!!

Here are the calendar dates (with Decision Meetings) for next semester

23 First board meeting of semester time: TBA
24  Classes resume
25 - Second slot proposals due to Seth (mentor)
27  Second slot proposals due to board by 5:30 PM
28  Second Slot decision meetingtentatively at noon
2-5  First slot runs
21-25  Venus opens in Leeds
27  Third slot due to mentor
1  Third slot due to board
3  Third slot decision meeting
2-5  Second slot runs (MF moves into space)
8-11  Lear opens
13  Fourth slot due to mentor
15  Fourth slot due to board
17  Fourth slot decision meeting
15  19  King Lear
16-19  Musical Forum
6-9  Third slot runs
10  Commencement slot due to mentor
12  Commencement slot due to board
14  Commencement slot decision meeting
12-15  Dracula opens
19-22  Dracula
27  Reading period begins
4-7  Fourth slot opens
9  Exams begin
18  Exams end
28  Commencement ceremony

The proposing to pw meeting is Saturday the 18th at 1 PM - Alex making posters…should we be e-mailing people?

Grants have been awarded -
Marisa Casey
Jeff Zimbalist

-On the Sunday meeting before the show opens, the production manager needs to give us an idea of the cast reserve list.
-we have a “two tables” rule that needs to be followed by every show to get people in faster and more efficiently. One table for reserves, the other for non-reserves.
-the web program is being reworked so that people can only reserve once during the run of a show.
-people who have reserves for certain nights but get in on a different night: we need to make sure those names are crossed off so that the tickets are freed.
-Saturday rule: on a case by case basis, Saturday's cast reserves can be bigger than the other nights to accomodate the out-of-towners.
-We also need a sign on the door at 7 saying how many tickets are left for that night and how many people off the waiting list will probably get in….

On a separate but very important note
Board members directing shows need to follow the same rules as outside directors. This basically means being up front about things and letting us know, especially if they are changing a part of our system for their show. We need to know what's going on, not necessarily for massive discussion, but because of 1)principle and 2)if anybody has any objections.

Alix Sobler is making the first and second slot posters.

Next weeks agenda
(mac and Maria will be missing, Alex is secretary for the day:)
-new members (getting their applications)
-upstairs Space
-calendar (getting audition and rehearsal and banner space)
-did someone book an audition space for 1st slot yet (for Dec 7th)?
-screw guns/paper cutter
-cleaning up upstairs and arts collaborative week.
-patting ourselves on the back for artscollaborative
-You're a Good Man Charlie Brown (Allison - the PM - should come to the meeting!!!!)
-show packets (revised?)
-second slot and postering for that
-first slot (update)
-postering (coz no one does it - do we need staple guns?)
-props to furniture room -@ charlie brown strike?
-reminder: we are deciding new members Mon, Nov. 27 at 11:30 PM in the Upstairs Space.

over and out
your faithful secretary :)

PW is: Alex Aixala, Seth Bockley, Sarah DiGregorio, Maria Goyanes, Paul Grellong, Chris Hayes, Lila Rose Kaplan, Sam Kusnetz, Zina Miller, Kate Shaw, Alix Sobler, Mac Vaughey, Rachael Miller (on leave) and Jarrett Byrnes (on leave).


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