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"Production Workshop Minutes"

5 marzo, 2000

present: ej, jas, giselda b, paul, sam, maria, sarah di, mac, zina, lila rose, ssssseth


CLOUD NINE by Caryl Churchill
1st slot PW of the millennium!!!
THIS WEEKEND March 10th - March 13th …8 PM all nights
Tickets - Blue Room 5-6 (with your special host paul underscore grellong) And in the Upstairs Space � before the show…

*seating platforms will be set up by Mac, Lila, Sarah, Jasmine, EJ, and Seth on Monday at 5:30 PM…

Friday 8 PM - Mac and Jasmine
Saturday 8 PM - Paul, Sam, and Alex
Sunday 8 PM - Giselda and Zina
Monday 8 PM - Maria and Lila

The next show in PW's Downstairs Space will be….
ART by Yasmine Reza, translated or adapted or both by Christopher Hampton
Good luck to Ben, Darius, Dave and staff…
*Bozo - Alex

3rd slot proposals are due to the board Thursday, MARCH 9th. Call Sam at x74063 to apply!

***Decision meeting changed to 10 AM on Sunday March 12th. After this we will do a strike list for CLOUD NINE. The Sunday meeting for that week is moved to Tuesday at 11 PM, March 14th in the Upstairs Space (if Rachael says it's clear of course)

GRANTS proposals are also coming up - MARCH 17th…
Need money for art?
Call Jasmine at x74907…
We can't call you, so get up and call us right now!
-our favorite auto mechanic whose name no one remembers

NEW DIRECTOR'S POSTERS will also be going up soon…


Show packets are making a comeback appearance - Alex will be making copies of the show packets and adding some new stuff (like untie upstairs space door at night, etc.)… � Show packets go to the director, stage manager and technical director of any downstairs space production…(along with key and shop contracts)
Also copies of the key contracts, shop contracts, and show packets will now be in the inner office for further use…(a la Alex's skillful copying)

We are trying to increase security because of a number of incidents in the space…
Combination locks to the hot room and inner shop will be given to every show (in addition to all the paperwork) to ensure that our valuable tools, etc., aren't stolen.

Lila Rose is going to be PW's lock lady

MAC and SAM are going to go to Adler's and get hasps (which are hinge type things to put locks on doors) and maybe even get a doorknob for the hot room…

EJ is finding out about real good floor paint for the Upstairs Space…

Tuesday at 11 PM on March 7th.
Things to do: get rid of SOFA, TABLE SAW
Do a basic light plot for shows and bands

Electrics room lights are still not working - we should figure that out before CLOUD NINE STRIKE…

Yo yo yo. Good meeting.

PW is: Giselda Beaudin, Emily Jan, Alex Aixala, Paul Grellong, Sara Ciarelli, Jasmine Syedullah, Maria Goyanes, Sam Kusnetz, Zina Miller, Rachel Miller, Mac Vaughey, Seth Bockley, Sarah DiGregorio, Lila Rose Kaplan, Jarrett Byrnes (on leave), Alix Sobler (on leave), Chris Hayes (on leave), Kate Shaw (on leave).


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Taken by maria, htmlized by jarrett

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