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"Production Workshop Minutes"

25 jan 2000

Los PW Minutos (por fin!)
25 january 2000

pw has entered the millenium?

present: Sara, Paul, Giselda, Maria, Rachel, Sam, Jarrett, Zina

Jobs for the new semester -
� Upstairs Space: Rachel (who will resurrect the Upstairs Space Calendar in the coming week)
� Grants - Sara
� Signatory/ find out about catering boy - Sam
� Secretary - Maria

(a la Paul - incidentally in handcuffs)
Find out about PW while stuffing yourself with catered delights!!!
February 8th : 5:30-7:30 at Petterutti Lounge, Faunce.
(posters shall be going up soon a la Sara)

Due to SAO Box 69 of February 3rd?
To apply call your friendly mentor Jarrett (x76987) by February 1st.
Performance dates: March 10th through March 13th.
(Proposal guidelines are on the website)

NEW PLAYS FESTIVAL is coming up soon in PW?
Keep on the lookout for posters: full productions and staged readings by grad and undergrad playwrights?

Poster zones:
(and there are a lot of them going up this week)
Lyman - Paul; PO - everyone; Wriston,Ratty,Wayland - Giselda; Grad Center - Sam; Pembroke - Jarrett; Grad center,Parking Lot - Zina; Joe's, New Dorm, TWC, Orwig - Maria; Main green, Rock - Sara; Keeney - Rachel

Hasta la proxima?

PW is: Giselda Beaudin, Emily Jan, Alex Aixala, Paul Grellong, Sara Ciarelli, Jasmine Syedullah, Maria Goyanes, Jarrett Byrnes, Sam Kusnetz, Zina Miller, Rachel Miller, Alix Sobler (on leave), Chris Hayes (on leave), Kate Shaw (on leave).


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Taken by maria, htmlized by jarrett

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