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"Production Workshop Minutes"

27 febrero 2000

present: Lila Rose, Giselda, EJ, Sam, Maria, Zina, Mac, Sarah, Seth, Rachael, Jasmine, Kelsey, Ben, Darius, Brett

To apply call Maria @ x74989 by Tuesday February 29th. Proposals due to the board March 2nd to SAO Box 69. Performance dates are March 17th through March 20th. (*Board: Decision meeting @10 AM Sunday, March 5th.)

Want money for art?
Propose for a PW GRANT!
To apply call our favorite grants person - JASMINE! @ x74907
Proposals due Friday, March 17th to SAO Box 69.

*POSTERS FOR 3rd SLOT and GRANTS will be in the SAO Box on Monday February 28th. Everyone knows their poster zone - it's time to plaster the campus!

The Upstairs Space Cleaning Day has been rescheduled to 11 PM - Tuesday March 7th.

Brett wants to buy the speakers in the Upstairs Space that just showed up magically one day…they will soon just as magically disappear…for $150 :)

The “we got money” subcommittee is Giselda, Sam, Mac, and ej^E

Because we are a student organization that sponsors cultural events, there exists different procedure for people or groups who want to use the Upstairs Space for a social event of any kind - benefits, bands, etc. The participating parties (pun intended) must fill out forms with Dean Inman in the student activities office and guarantee 5 party managers at each event. This is also how Police & Security finds out about the event^E

ALSO any band that wants to play in the Upstairs Space MUST GO THROUGH EITHER COBAB OR BCA (or another student organization to sponsor it)^EPW IS NOT PRODUCING YOUR EVENT. We're just lending you the space.

First Aid kits are now replenished a la Lila Rose Kaplan

BLUE ROOM TICKETING PROGRAM is in the works (thanks to Blodgett and Sam) and will hopefully be up and running by Cloud Nine.

Agenda for next week:
-Cloud nine (house managing, tickets, blue room program, etc)

PW is: Giselda Beaudin, Emily Jan, Alex Aixala, Paul Grellong, Sara Ciarelli, Jasmine Syedullah, Maria Goyanes, Sam Kusnetz, Zina Miller, Rachel Miller, Mac Vaughey, Seth Bockley, Sarah DiGregorio, Lila Rose Kaplan, Jarrett Byrnes (on leave), Alix Sobler (on leave), Chris Hayes (on leave), Kate Shaw (on leave).


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