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"Production Workshop Minutes"

11 december 2000

present(s?): Sam, Dov, Sarah, Lila, Jeb, Zina, Jaime, Kate, Liz, Maria, Mac, Paul, Alex, Alix, Seth, David, Amy Budd, Nilo Cruz

another guest filled meeting…

Jeb stopped by to let us know that Repetitions was not going to be going on next semester but hopefully could be mounted in the future. Everything's cleared up, communication is still open, and it's all good. yo.

Amy Budd (the producer of the new plays festival this year and a real together gal) stopped by with Nilo to find out about our space and it's connection with Russell Lab…which of course is nil (besides chairs as Sam pointed out) - they are having an open meeting for technicians and designers interested in working in the festival
- if you know anybody or are interested, contact Amy at…

Also, upstairs space events next semester during the dates of the performances in Russell Lab will have to start after the show in Russell is over (which will probably be a 9:30 curtain…not too bad, and the least we can do).

The New Plays Festival performance dates are as follows:
Play #1: Feb 8, 9,l 10
Play #2: Feb 15, 16, 17
Play #3: March 15, 16, 17
Play #4: March 22, 23, 24

OUR NEXT MEETING IS SATURDAY, DECEMBER 16th at 4 PM (to finish discussing upstairs space policy)

the first meeting of next semester will be JANUARY 21st at 1 PM.

Workshops will be happening next semester with Mike McG - more on that at the beginning of next semester…he's got some sweet plans for a drafting studio in Russell too…

Alex needs someone to take care of Clancy (his cat) from December 20th to the 30th…he's really cute and cuddly!!!

The costume rack has fallen over and become structural to the other side of the building…although it makes costumes a little hard to get to…Dov (while buying wood for 1st slot) will buy some wood to brace it back to the other side of the wall…then we'll give it the heave ho guys - time TBA (we'll talk about it on Saturday)

Seth, because of Irene Ryans, has had to bow out of being the second slot guru…Kate has taken his place.

In terms of the show packet, Chris will go through the old one with Jenny and her crew because Dov is the TD and it's all good…

For the new show packet, the pw board has homework for over the break…NEW JOBS were assigned, so every room is covered (we didn't assign the hot room, but I can take care of that one) - go through the show packet and make sure things are covered thoroughly, and/or write a new synopsis of your given room. Everyone should jot down the administrative stuff so that we don't miss anything.
With those drafts, on January 21st, we will go through and revise the show packet!

Speaking of revising, that's what this meeting was all about…


This is what we've come up with:
-Sam will write a one page general “this is what you can and can't do” and “this is what pw is” type of document.
-Mac is going to write up how we currently run things, specifically for the downstairs space (for future reference, decision meetings, voting, etc.)
-David is going to write up the Upstairs Space policy in addition to some Miranda rights which will be e-mailed to everyone who will be using our upstairs space.

These (along with the show packet rough drafts) should be brought to the first meeting of next semester to be discussed and revised.

Now - the upstairs space policy
-a person or group wishing to use PW's Upstairs Space must contact the Upstairs Space person (next semester it's David) at least one week in advance.
-the upstairs space can be given to any person or group for no more than three days per group/person per week (this excludes actual performance dates).
-The upstairs Space is for Brown students/RISD students - (I don't remember what we said about non-brown students, and maybe we shouldn't put that into the policy…we'll talk about it)
-A person or group must go through the Upstairs Space person for every single day they want usage of the space
-No recurring booking allowed during the prime time slot (7 PM to 11 PM)
-If you ever need anything or have any questions or concerns regarding the upstairs space, (like prop usage, furniture usage, costumes, etc) - you must come to the board FIRST. Our meetings are OPEN.
-Monitors from the PW board must be present at all Upstairs Space performances/events during a semester.
-What is deemed a safety hazard is up to the discretion of the PW monitor at the performance/event.
-Things that still need to be discussed: -Deposits -non-Brown students in Upstairs Space (I know we talked about this one, I just want to make sure it's written in) -casting -charging at door -rehearsal space

As I said before, new jobs have been assigned - Sam has the list…chieck with him if you can't remember.

Things to work for next semester:
-revising constitution
-revising show packet
-painting the front door
-taking an e-mail list in the lobby specifically for patrons of PW so that we can e-mail when our shows are…
-Getting a slate or “something neat” for a sign showing how many tix are left after reserves for each night…
-Getting a “Now showing” sign…and all that jazz…

Once again, please turn off cell phones during meetings…

On Friday at 5 PM, Alex, Maria, and Liz were going to come and sort the shit from the good stuff in the elbow of the Upstairs Space…the Salvation army isn't coming on the 16th due to a miscommunication, but it'd still be good to sort the stuff so that maybe it could happen before everyone gets back…

and finally
someone suggesting beers for this Saturday's meeting, as it REALLY is the last one for the semester…any takers?

my second to last minutos for the year 2000,
maria :)

PW is: Alex Aixala, Seth Bockley, Sarah DiGregorio, Liz Drew, Maria Goyanes, Paul Grellong, Chris Hayes, Lila Rose Kaplan, Sam Kusnetz, Dov Lebowitz-Nowak, David Meyers, Zina Miller, Kate Shaw, Alix Sobler, Mac Vaughey, and Rachael Miller (on leave).


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Taken by maria, htmlized by sam

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