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"Production Workshop Minutes"

april 16, 2000

present: ALEX, PAUL, lila, sarah, seth, rachael, maria, mac, sam, zina WITH SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCE by EMILY JAN!!!! the recuperating from a lot of stories of glory edition… STRIKE list: running (to where I wonder): Sam
holding the floor: Seth, Emily, Giselda? Jasmine?
shopping (mall not included): Alex and Lila
mad propster: Rachael (w/her favorite place, the upstairs space)
throwing shit out (aka the furniture room): Maria and Zina
electrifying: Mac
the costumes: Sarah DG (including detailing flammables for risk management) baking in el hot room: Paul (sorry, was that too much Spanish?) Oh what to do about the smelly room… Meeting at strike with MF crew to talk about locking up the space etc - COMMENCEMENT SLOT PROPOSALS ARE DUE TO THE BOARD
THURSDAY APRIL 20th! The plays will be in the inner office by Tuesday… THIS SATURDAY AT 9:30 AM - Commencement decision meeting begins with a little video special at 19 arnold street…BOARD MEMBERS SHOULD BE THERE to get a little taste of stomp and a certain manwich… FIRST SLOT PROPOSALS ARE COMING UP!
To apply or if you have any questions please call Maria x74989 proposals due April 27th to the board…
Performance dates are tentatively scheduled for September 22-25 of fall semester 2000…
You get to come hang out in peedub early! Decision meeting for 1st slot - Saturday April 29th at 10 AM. Still talking about the safety of the building…
Looking into fancy new locks…
GOING TO ONE BOARD MEMBER IS NOT ENOUGH TO GET INTO OUR SPACE TO WORK - you need to approach the board and tell ALL OF US so that we all know whoms in the space - sketchy clothing disappearances and propped doors are getting to be a problem… OUR MEETINGS ARE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC - Sundays at 1 PM…so if youmre working for MF or whatever and youmre not technically in the space yet - then you are not technically in the space yet period. (Sound of foot stamping the floor) and so you have to let us know…
or the leeches will get you. MONEY: Emily Jan - going to staples to be able to cut check for paper cutter, 3 hole punch, normal sized envelopes, pens, and paper. Sam - calling barbamazonwomen or something like that regarding 6 pack for upstairs, cheeseboroughs, and pipes…also looking into light board monitor and seating platform hardware… Sarah DG - FRIDGE! Maria - looking into dress form from Jo-Ann Fabrics Getting a rec to Lorraine Mills to stock sewing supplies… WE ARE UP FOR RENOVATION SOON SAYS THE UNIVERSITY.
We'll believe it when we see it says peedub. Over and out.

PW is: Giselda Beaudin, Emily Jan, Alex Aixala, Paul Grellong, Sara Ciarelli, Jasmine Syedullah, Maria Goyanes, Sam Kusnetz, Zina Miller, Rachel Miller, Mac Vaughey, Seth Bockley, Sarah DiGregorio, Lila Rose Kaplan, Jarrett Byrnes (on leave), Alix Sobler (on leave), Chris Hayes (on leave), Kate Shaw (on leave).


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Taken by maria, htmlized by sam

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