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"Production Workshop Minutes"

april 2nd, 2000

present: Jas, Sam, Alex, Mac, Seth, Paul, Maria, Lila, Rachael, Sarah DG a short back from break check up … UPSTAIRS SPACE -
busy this week with a lot of cool stuff happening!
RICHARD BUCKNER - singer/songwriter on Tuesday starting at 9 PM
NEW DIRECTORS - Friday at 11pm and Saturday at 730pm.
WORKS IN PROGRESS: 9pm on Saturday. Paul, Alex and Sarah DG are going to be on guard for New Directorms tech sometime this week… SETH has been promoted from dumpster boy to voicemail checker… We've just spent $5500 on 14 new lights, a new sound board and cable!
We're still looking into a fridge, an upright piano, and a light board monitor… but we will have a 3 hole punch and a paper cutter in our possession very soon! Other ideas were new drapery and seating platforms - triangular cool looking ones that fit like wedges…while the topic of a coke machine was the cause of much heated debate. The garden of earthly delights is currently in the process of being exterminated forever, leaving a white wall by the shop for more downstairs show names… And the electrics room has a new cable rack. The monitor system is halfway installed (only in the electrics room as of yet) but it's on its way to function. AND Paul and Alex have kindly offered their services to redoing the booth this summer for the grumpy pw stage managers who self consciously whisper lgon calling a show. Next week:
-gearing up for a certain party on the 15th
-house managing/ushering
-reminder of activities fair
-postering commencement
-calendar hasta la proxima chicos…

PW is: Giselda Beaudin, Emily Jan, Alex Aixala, Paul Grellong, Sara Ciarelli, Jasmine Syedullah, Maria Goyanes, Sam Kusnetz, Zina Miller, Rachel Miller, Mac Vaughey, Seth Bockley, Sarah DiGregorio, Lila Rose Kaplan, Jarrett Byrnes (on leave), Alix Sobler (on leave), Chris Hayes (on leave), Kate Shaw (on leave).


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