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Things that do not qualify:
-Site-Specific (unless the site is specifically Christina Paxson's office)
-The audience standing instead of sitting (e.g. Dr. Faustus)
-The audience moving from one performance location to another (e.g. Eurydice)
-The audience eats dinner while watching the performance (e.g. Festen)
-Traditional Improv Shows

Things that qualify:
-Untraditional Improv Show (e.g. Clue with imProvidence)
-An hour-long performance of Hamlet for an audience of one (e.g. Stand and Unfold Yourself)
-A live Ask Me Anything where the audience wears blindfolds to simulate the anonymity of the internet
-You are trapped in the upspace and have 30 minutes to solve a series of puzzles in order to escape.
-A recreation of Saving Private Ryan with interactive Lazer Tag
-Your crazy idea

Your show must be performed before the end of the semester at Brown or in the surrounding area.

If you have received a grant, click here for the info sheet!

Please submit a detailed budget and script (or, intention for a script) along with the application to Liz.

The Margaret Maurer '13 Mess* With the Audience Grant

*insert expletive of your choice here


Please include a script or proposed script as well as detailed proposed budget.


Phone Number:


Working name of Project:

Do you have a venue to perform in?

If so, where?

Please give us a brief description of your vision for the project:

How does your piece engage with the audience in a f***ed-up/unconventional way?

How would your show benefit from a budget? Please include a proposed budget. BE SPECIFIC. Justify all of your costs.

Are you applying for / have you received any additional funding for this project?

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