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This position *used* to be called “Production Manager.” Beyond the walls of TF Green, however, what we know of as a PM is actually a GM– a General Manager!! We have therefore decided to rebrand the position– same old job, spiffy new name! If this is confusing at all to you feel free to email Jennifer Maley '16 or anyone on the PW board for more info.

From the PW Show Packet:
General Manager Job Description


  1. Helps the Director and designers compile staff members (assistants, build crew, hang crew, etc… especially).
  2. Puts together a contact sheet for the production staff.
  3. Makes sure the designers are on schedule and frequently checks up on their progress.
  4. Helps designers, the SM, and Director coordinate when building/light hanging/painting/etc… happen.
  5. Acts as the liaison between the Director/SM, EP’s, and the designers. This is especially important in the case of any misunderstandings or problems.


  1. Helps the SM and Director to create a rehearsal/production schedule (including tech days and dark days).
  2. Schedules production meetings and design runs.
  3. Informs the production team (including the EP’s) of when production meetings and design runs will take place.
  4. Makes sure that all expected crew members attend the production meetings and design runs and is responsible for calling them if they are missing.
  5. Books rooms for production meetings through the Brown scheduling office.
  6. Leads the actual production meeting (while the SM takes notes). This may change depending on the GM’s preferences.


  1. Let's the EP know of show needs / questions / problems / progress.
  2. Attends the weekly PW meetings at 11am on Sundays (!) in the Upspace.
  3. Should tell the PW board and their EP’s whether they need any staff, how the show is going, if there are any problems with the show, and whether the show is applying for any outside grants, etc…
  4. In addition, should let PW know of any notable factors (such as nudity, an interesting front of house or house manager protocol, etc…)
  5. Coordinates with the Director, SM, TD/Set Designer, LD, and EP’s (PW board) for when platforms and chairs will happen prior to performances.
  6. Provides a copy of the program and poster and production photos for the PW Board’s archives after the conclusion of the show.


  1. Keeps track of all of the money spent on the production in a spreadsheet.
  2. Helps the Director and designers divvy up the budget. (There is $750 from PW).
  3. Responsible for applying for grants for outside funding only if the show requires it.
  4. All crew members must obtain permission for and inform the GM of all spending.
  5. Understands, follows, and makes sure the crew follows the PW purchasing policies (PO’s, SAO credit card use, and reimbursements). These are outlined on page 19 of this show packet.
  6. Responsible for making sure the production does not go over-budget.

Click for budget info


  1. Gets the posters printed and distributes them to the cast and crew.
  2. In charge of any publicity materials. For example, creating the Facebook event, inputting the performances into Morning Mail, table slips, Naked Photo in the Post, promo videos etc…
  3. Responsible for coordinating reviews of the performances (in the BDH, blogdailyherald, etc…).
  4. Organizes Photo Call.
  6. Collects cast and crew ticket reserve list (by Wednesday before the show opens).
  7. Inputs reserves into the blueroom. Ask your EP for help with how to use the system.
  8. Opens the blueroom at 11:59pm on the Wednesday before opening night. Ask your EP with help with how to use the system.

Click here for publicity guidelines.


  1. Provides an up-to-date crew list for the program (including accurate spellings and years of any designers and assistants). Coordinates with the SM to have the cast and crew check the programs for accuracy.
  2. Maintains a list of Special Thanks from the cast and crew (Coordinate with the SM to make sure the cast is informed).
  3. Makes sure that the programs are designed and checked for mistakes prior to performances.
  4. Gets the programs printed and ready to be distributed at performances.


  1. Finds solutions to any problems with the production and the technical/design elements in particular.
  2. If you are having trouble, the EP is there to help you, but note that you are the first line of defense in the case of a problem.
  3. Confers with the EP, Director, SM, and Design Team. Uses the SM as point person for questions/comments/concerns from the cast.
  4. Helps the SM as needed on Tech Days.
  5. Makes sure all borrowed items are properly returned.
  6. Responsible for actor and audience safety during performances; for example, if objects are thrown during the course of the show or actors are using more difficult/dangerous props.
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