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The 8th Annual Capture the Mammoth!

Date: Tuesday, May 19th, 2015
Time: 11:00 am


The game will be set up into two teams, the Mammoths and the Dinosaurs. You will be assigned your team via email on Monday, May 18th.


North: Waterman St.
South: Power St.
West: Prospect St.*
East: Cooke St.

Division line: Thayer St.

*when Prospect St. ends at George St., the boundary turns down George and extends to Benefit. Check out the map for clarification.


Thayer St. itself is neutral ground – as soon as you are on the sidewalk on other side, you are in that side’s territory. For an outer Boundary street, you are out of bounds as soon as you are on the street itself. That means the sidewalk closest to the playing area is the boundary.

Out of Bounds
You may not leave the playing area and travel through out of bounds in order to arrive at a different location.

You may not go into building to which everybody does not have access – for example, dorms, theatre spaces that need keys, etc. Basically, any building that requires card access or a key is off limits.

Flags: Mammoth head and Dinosaur head

You must hide the flag in a relatively open area that is accessible from multiple directions. Thus, a location like one of the Keeney Quads would be off-limits, since there are only 2 points of access (through the 2 arches) to each of them. It must be on the ground, outside, and openly visible.
The flag must be hidden on Brown property. (Until the other team advances it:)

Flag can be advanced – if somebody grabs the flag and starts running with it and is tagged out, the flag remains where it was at the time of the tag.


Teams pick where jails are and tell the other team. Each team will have 15 minutes at the beginning of the game to pick both their flag location and jail, and a team member will call the other team to inform them of the jail location. The jail must be or have a physical marker that functions as the focal point for electricity chains and must have at least two points of access:
Electricity is allowed – people in jail can make chains, and if any one person is tagged free, everyone is free. Everyone must be touching; it IS possible to only free part of the chain if the chain is broken.
Every 30 minutes (ON the hour and ON the half hour) there is an auto-jail break. When the jail is freed, you get a free walk-back to your side of Thayer Street – you MUST go all the way back, holding your hands above your head.


Tagging must be done with 2 hands.

When you tag somebody, YOU must personally accompany them and only them back to jail before you can tag anybody else.

No violence…


Don’t do anything illegal

Look both ways before crossing the street.

Teams flip a coin to choose sides at the beginning of the game.

Date and time: Thursday, May 22nd at 11:00am. Meet on Lincoln Field.

No wheeled modes of transportation (bikes, cars, etc). If you find a horse, feel free to use it.

Who's invited?

Everyone! Invite yourself, your friends, EVERYONE who can play.

How can I play?

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