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playwriting bake-off

what is a bake-off?
according to google, a bake-off is “A cooking contest, especially one where competition is head-to-head, not limited to preparing food involving baking.” our playwriting bake-offs are a lot like that, with plays instead of food.

at the beginning of each month, we'll compile a list of ingredients and provide the list to you as part of our weekly e-mail. your challenge is to write a play (about ten pages long) that incorporates FIVE of the ingredients (like baking a cake!) and send it to justin by the end of the month. We will then read all of the plays together sometime in the next week.

when is it?
the bake-offs are to occur monthly, with ingredients provided at the beginning of each month and a reading at the end (or early into the next month)

how do I participate?
if you want to participate, emailjustin with your play by the end of the month. if you just want to hear the final products, stay tuned for a meeting place and time which will be announced in our weekly email.

what are the ingredients?

November 2011

theme: Winter

ingredients (choose five): a teakettle boiling at a suspenseful moment, the line: “my pipes smell,” the act of peeling, go down to Occupy Providence for an hour and take notes, a mustache as a plot device, Santa Claus, cold feet, a neverending rope, higher order variables, something unexpected, the line: “Wait—are you wearing my underwear?”, donuts

Winter Watchmen by Simon Henriques :november_bakeoff.pdf

Snow Day by Margaret Mauer :snow_day_bake_off.pdf

Bake-off Rant by Justin Kuritzkes :bake_off_rant.pdf

September 2011
the task: write a 9/11 play (whatever that means to you) about ten pages long
which incorporates 5 of the following ingredients:
mirror, puppets, donut, tent, mother-daughter relationships, a surprise party the sewers, a man with a flyswatter, a bell, “I've got bigger fish to fry”, “make me a mimosa”, a pack of dogs, a letter read out loud

Things End Sometimes by Michelle Meyers :world_ending_play.doc

The Mirror by Adam Asher: :the_mirror.doc

March 2011:
the ingredients for march 2011 are: adam lambert, a dried-up creek, craigslist, braces, jelly,
the phrase “you've got a husband who loves you” or “quid pro quo”
Backwoods by Rita Rosenfeld: :backwoods.doc
The Craigslist Monologues by David Brown: :brown_thecraigslistmonologues.doc
Quiet by Sam Alper: :quiet.pdf
Dendrochronology by Margaret Maurer: :dendrochronology.doc
Keep Fucking That Chicken by Justin Kuritzkes: :keep_fucking_that_chicken.pdf

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