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The assistant lighting designer assists the lighting designer (big suprise, eh?) What this actually entails is determined by the specific relationship between an LD and his/her ALD, but can include any of the following:

  • Help the LD take notes during runs and production meetings of specific things that will need to be accomplished by lighting (e.g. specials that the director asks for)
  • Handle paperwork duties for the lighting design. For example, keeping track of how many of what color are needed, checking off items as they're hung, cabled, and focused, etc.
  • Generally be helpful on electrics crew, especially during focus. A focus can run much smoother if an ALD is keeping good track of what's been done, what's coming up next, etc. and directing the electrics crew so that there is minimal downtime between focusing of lights.
  • Keep notes during tech of things that need to be fixed (e.g. focus changes, cue edits, effects to create, etc)
  • Responsible for flirting with lighting designer and electrics crew.

Often, people ALD for older designers before designing lights themselves, since it's a great learning experience. Because the ALD is around for the entire process of a lighting design, they not only help out but also learn how to bring a design from conception to execution.

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