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reimbursements, purchase orders, etc.

purchase Orders a.k.a. POs

They're great. They're easy. We love them. In fact, WE PREFER THEM! Here's how they work:

  1. Whoever needs the money (designers, PMs, etc.) should make sure the business accepts POs from Brown University. Call them and ask.
  2. Call/text/email the financial signatory (Luke - or second signatory (Ani - ani_pula@brown.ed) and tell them:
  3. Be sure to keep your receipt and the white PO copy! Give it to your production manager or a financial signatory!
  4. BUT - What do you do if the business doesn't accept POs?!?!


If you cannot use a purchase order, you can also be reimbursed by the university for purchases you make. Here's how this process works:

  1. Keep all receipts! You must have original receipts to be reimbursed.

  2. If receipts do not have an itemized list of things purchased, include a short list or description of what was purchased.

  3. Separate the receipts by reimbursee and then attach them to a completed reimbursement form.If you are being reimbursed for more than 3 receipts, list the additional ones on the back of the form. The total should reflect the total amount of money you are being reimbursed.

  4. Give the completed form with attached receipts to a signatory.

Reimbursements are processed on FRIDAYS. You can expect to get a check at the provided address 2-3 weeks after completing the form and giving it to a signatory.

Ordering Online

You have several options for making an online purchase

  1. Forward a link to the website to the signatories along with:

  2. Accompany a signatory to the SAO financial office to make a purchase on the SAO credit card:
  3. Use your own account to make the order.

general Managers: at strike, please give the financial signatory:

  1. All PO receipts and white PO copies

  2. All reimbursement receipts attached to reimbursement forms

  3. A budget breakdown - so the financial signatory has something to access which reflects what the PM believes to have been the spending which occurred during the show

Please note: the show's budget (and any overspending)is the responsibility of the General Manager.

Another note: We will not reimburse spending that was NOT APPROVED by a General/signatory.

That’s all! If you have questions or concerns, please email Luke ( or Ani ( Thank you!
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