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production workshop projects

PW has a whole bunch of different types of shows you can be a part of! Click on each title to learn more about the projects. More spesifics about when proposals for each of these projects are due will be posted on the PW facebook page.

downspace shows

PW produces seven shows each year in our large downstairs space. These shows each get a budget of $750 and full use of all of PW's technical resources. WOW! Free money and space to make all your art dreams come true! Click here to learn more about the proposal process for the downspace.


3c2c (3 Chairs 2 Cubes) is a fall festival of short, student-directed plays by undergraduate writers, performed in PW's downstairs space. We're looking for four to six terrific new plays, four to six awesome directors and a whole bunch of actors. The plays chosen will be performed in PW's dazzling downstairs space. Unlike other opportunities to work in theatre at Brown, 3 Chairs 2 Cubes offers flexible schedules (outside of the typical nightly 7-11pm rehearsal calendar) based on individual cast schedules.

3 Chairs 2 Cubes is about nurturing new playwrights. By restricting productions to limited tech and a set consisting of three chairs and two cubes, we hope to focus attention on the writer and the script. Writers are given a chance to revise their scripts during the rehearsal process, and many continue work on their plays even after the festival has closed. Plays are picked for the festival by a committee of PW board members. The plays are submitted anonymously.

Click here to learn more about the process of submitting your play to 3c2c / proposing to direct.


WITS (Week In The Space) is an oppourtunity for artists to work in the PW downspace for one week! PW solicits proposals from students to make any type of art that excites them. Usually, this project happens in the spring, but it may vary from year to year.

Click here to learn more about the proposal process for WITS.


TWITS (Two Weeks In The Space) is an opportunity for artists to use the PW upspace for two weeks. It is similar to WITS, except that it is in the upspace and is —you guessed it—two weeks instead of one. TWITS typically takes place at the end of February. For more information about applying to TWITS click here.

Click here to learn more about the proposal process for TWITS.

outer space festival

The outer space festival is a music/fine art/installation festival that takes place every spring. It is a super ~groovy~ and wholesome time. If you are interested in performing or having your work featured contact Lauren at

still looking for the right porridge?

If these events don't seem like the right fit for your artistic dreams, check out the upspace page to learn about how you can get access to pw's upstairs space through a combined sign up/lottery system.
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