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production workshop grants

Do you want money to make art? pw will give it to you! there are currently three pw grants. Applications for each grant are accepted on a rolling basis and can be sent to either or the person listed as a contact for each grant.

PW alumni grant for new works

Wrote a new play, devised a new project, have any idea for something that involves in some way performance? Want the funds to produce it?

The PW Alumni Grant is new and awesome and wants to give you money!Each semester, a number of grants will be available to help produce new undergraduate work.

What’s the catch? If you accept a grant your show must be performed before the end of the semester at Brown or in the surrounding area. AND YOU HAVE TO SEND US PHOTOS!!

Click here for the application to the Alumni Grant here.

the open jar upspace grant

Working on a project in the PW Upspace? Started by a generous bunch of Brown alumni, the Open Jar Foundation presents a new grant to support production costs for student performance work of all kinds in the Upspace. Each semester, PW is given $450 to give away to upspace projects.

Grants are given out twice a semester, in the week following each Upspace lottery. If you’ve received a slot in the space for the semester and are interested in applying for funding, please see the application below and get in touch with Ezra at

Money is reimbursed through the SAO, so if you receive funding from the grant, save your receipts and get them to Ani or Luke no later than two weeks after your show closes.

If more than two weeks pass after your show closes and we still don't have your receipts, your grant money becomes fair game.

Click here for more information about the application.

mess with the audience grant

Are you making a piece of theatre/performance that engages with its audience in an unconventional way? Margaret Maurer '13 liked doing that and she wants you to do it too! The Margaret Maurer '13 Mess* With the Audience Grant is NEW, it's BEAUTIFUL, and it wants you to get weirder.

Applications accepted on a rolling basis as funds permit.

The project should explore theatrical form and push the bounds of performance. The grant is given to projects that are innovative in their form, rather than their content or process. The project should be an experiment in what a theatrical event can be. It should aim to redefine what an audience is and what the relationship(s) between performers and audience members are.

*insert expletive of your choice here

Click here for more info.
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