est. 1960

board jobs

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treasurers: ani, gavin

secretary: yong

upsquad: halley, marielle, abby, yong, gavin

space maintenance: ahmed

grant committee: abby, marielle, kai, bella

queens of t.f. green: lauren, kai, bella

agenda binch: anthony

key fascist: lauren

new members: lauren, marielle

rights: yong

dumpster dude: lauren (and butter!)

web: marielle, ani, yong, isabel, finch

pw email: kai

show packet: ani, isabel

chief resident (first aid): finch

archives (our chives): isabel, finch, marielle

calendar strumpet: halley, anthony

activies fair: bella, ahmed

adoch: lauren, ahmed

pwaq: ani

chair inscriptions: marielle, isabel

fundraising: ahmed

wizards: ahmed, finch

renish: bella

safety officer: finch

scaffolds: kai, ahmed, finch, gavin

hazmat and paint safety: ani

silver box caper: anthony

sm kit kid: yong

decision meeting czars: ani, yong

playboy: marielle, kai

social butterfly: anthony, kai

piano man: ahmed

outer space astronauts: lauren, kai

gunslinger: gavin

first year outreach: ahmed, isabel

marquee de sade: halley, kai

advertising: yong, abby, isabel

educational superintendent: ahmed, ani, bella

mourning mailman: abby

social media: lauren

visions: kai, finch

room assignments

scene shop: marielle

costume closet: abby

electrics room: ani, finch

paint room: ani

furniture room: kai

stair chacker: lauren

chair stacker: gavin

stair stacker: yong

chair chacker: ani

props room: lauren

dressing room 1: bella

dressing room 2/pwibrary: marielle

booths: ani

box office: halley

sound pile: ahmed

butt and elbow: ahmed

hallway: yong

hot room: ahmed

keeping in touch

musical forum: isabel, lauren

tim hett: matt

john street alex: ahmed

ambassadors at large (sotg, rites & reason, bugs, bmp, bop): anthony, yong

sock & buskin: kai

bmc: kai

taiko: gavin

liason to the future: jdave, samantha, judy

liason to the past: matt, isabel

nitus: marielle

interboard: kai, bella

skjdfhsahkhkbadf lalalallala secrets are fun wahoooo
7 young orchard avenue, providence, ri 02912