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fast facts about production workshop


Brown university's only 100% student-run theatre. There are other theatre groups on campus, but PW is the only group that has two dedicated theatrical spaces for use by the Brown Community.


Production Workshop is located at 7 Young Orchard Avenue in the T.F. Green Building across from the Young Orchard apartments and next to Orwig. The entrance is through the glass doors at street level.


All year long! PW produces work in both of the theatres during 1st semester, 2nd semester, and during the summer!


There are two parts to this one. The first and most important part is…you! You, the Brown community, create and re-create PW every time you work in the space. The PW board constitutes the administrative part of PW, and maintains the physical space of PW within TF Green hall so that students like you can be free to make art!

Click here for a list of the pw board jobs.


because some people like theatre too much for their own good.


There's a lot of freedom as to how you can make art at pw! Read more about this below. One important how though of the day to day work at pw is that we have open meetings, usually at Sunday morning's at 11:00. (The meeting time sometimes changes, check with a board member to double check the time before dropping by.) Here is a link to the meeting minutes from the board meetings.

slow facts about production workshop

PW is...

…a non-profit student theatre here at brown university. PW does not have a mission statement, because it is constantly being created and re-created by each group of students who works in the space during their time at Brown University. Admission to PW shows is always free, and because of this we rely heavily upon donations. We are a not-for-profit organization, and all donations go to bringing the community more student theatre. For most shows you will need a ticket to get in. You can now get your tickets on the web two days before the show's first performance (usually Wednesday) starting at 11:59PM, or you can get them at the door. If you do decide to get your tickets at the door, it is suggested that you arrive 1 hour before the performance, as most PW shows sell out pretty quickly. Check out the homepage in the navigation sidebar for more info on upcoming shows, or check out the calendar to find out what's coming in the future. production workshop is located at 7 young orchard avenue in the t.f. green building across from the young orchard apartments.

the downspace

The downspace is a large black box theatre. The word “downspace” is a portmanteau of the words “downstairs” and “space.” Why, you ask, is the larger PW theatre called this silly, silly name? Because it's the *downstairs* black box theatre! PW produces a fairly open season of about seven “slots,” or productions, augmented by a few special projects. Proposals are submitted to the board, which will then choose which show will be produced in that particular slot. More on who the f*ck the PW board is later.

the upspace

The upspace is a small black box theatre. The upspace has new and wonderful pieces going on each week– and sometimes multiple things to go to every week! weeks in the upspace are given away by lottery. See the upspace page for more information!

a note on inclusion

In the past couple of years, the PW board has focused on attempting to dismantle many of the oppressive structures coded into this institution that make it feel exclusionary or inaccessible. The board has tried to bring a greater awareness to the way that racism operates in and through the space of PW; the board has been working on finding solutions to lessen the deeply embedded financial barriers of producing theatre that can preclude low-income students from fully participating in the theatre world; and the board has continued to interrogate and rethink the assumptions PW makes about gender and sexuality, both through the physical space and through the individual perspectives of board members.

This work is an ongoing process, and it was started far earlier than a few years ago by folx who were a lot braver than us. The PW board makes this statement not to claim that we're doing anything revolutionary, but rather to ensure potential community members that these human rights issues are central to our daily operations, and that we value any criticism / thoughts / feelings on these or any other topics.

A physical suggestions box will be coming soon to TF Green: stay tuned for more information. There is an online form where anyone can anonymously submit feedback about PW for the PW board to read. The PW board also periodically checks the pw email, so feel free to reach out to the PW board through that medium if you so choose. Finally, if you'd like to reach out to a specific board member personally for a one-on-one chat or because you're not comfortable with the entire board having access to your comment, check out this contact list.

if you are interested in working at PW....

…feel free to email us at or contact a board member. Whether it's at the technical, production or performance level, whether you've been doing theatre since you were in utero or since yesterday, PW would love to welcome you into the space! Student productions are always on the lookout for directors, designers, writers, stage managers, production managers, actors, and crews of all shapes and sizes, so please– get in contact! Another great resource is the green book! The green book is a comprehensive list of most (if not all) of the designers who have worked on shows at PW in the past, and also includes people who are interested in working on shows in the future! If you put your name down, directors and other Brown University individuals can contact you via email and see if you'd be interested in working on a project with them! Check it out now!

wtf is the PW board????

Good question, my friend! The PW board is a group of students who work together to do a couple of things that help keep PW running smoothly. Our duties include everything from keeping the physical resources of PW neat and tidy to soliciting proposals for and selecting the shows that constitute a PW season. For more info, click here. To learn more about what the PW board is doing to make PW better, check out the State of PW. All plays under the supervision of PW are cast without regard to race, gender identity, or sexual orientation (or anything else for that matter) except when such identity is central to the production's thematic content.
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