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Welcome to the Production Workshop website!! (The PWebsite, for short) Check this page to find out what's happening at Brown University's only completely student-run theater. Let a member of the pw board know if you have any questions about or ideas for this site or email The old version of our website is still live and contains some cool historic info about pw, but this is the site that will be updated most often. You can also visit our Facebook page for information on current goings-on.

winter at pw

julius caesar:
femmes, romans, countrymen

by william shakespeare
dir. caroline sprague '20
february 9-12

We are so excited to bring Caroline Sprague's vision of Julius Caesar: Femmes, Romans, Countrymen into the downspace in February 2018! This imagining places William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar in an intersectional all-femme world, asking, “In the absence of men, what violence can women do to one another?” It interrogates the intimate forms of violence that dominate contemporary experience, especially within the institution of Brown, where the dynamics of diverse identities and associated powers have real impacts on femme lives. “What happens if we put women – our ire, our power, our mess – in a space, and ask them to make something that feels like screaming? That feels like bleeding? That feels like catharsis?”

Caroline’s vision insists on flexibility, accessibility, and diversity in the process for both the cast and production team. To tell an all-femme story, we need all femmes as storytellers – we are looking to include the perspectives of queer womxn and femmes of color. Audition information will be coming out soon, and be sure to reach out to Caroline for more information on joining her production team as a designer, assistant, or collaborator! You can email her at or reach out to us at for more information on getting involved!

For information on auditions, go to the audition page.

the wolves

by sarah delappe
dir. marielle burt '19
march 9-12

We are thrilled to announce our March slot show: The Wolves, by Sarah DeLappe, directed by Marielle Burt. This play provides snapshots of a high school girls soccer team over six Saturdays as they lunge, squat, stretch, and dribble in preparation for their games. No topic is off limits on the field, where the players are unchaperoned and unconstrained. The team’s conversations are a tangle gossip, politics, college dreams, soccer strategies, heartbreak, and more. In Marielle's words, “The Wolves gives the players space to fuck up, to be silly and frivolous, mad and jealous –– to be fully themselves in ways that are scorned by the world of adults, the world of men.”

Marielle views a diverse cast and production team as essential to crafting a nuanced representation of this story. She says, “The Wolves is at its core a play about the multiplicity of girlhood, reminding us that there are many different ways to grow up, even for young folks who live in the same town and play on the same soccer team.” The voices of womxn of color, queer, gender non-conforming, and trans actors and technicians will be central to this vision. Look out for more details about an audition information session and auditions that will be held at the end of next week! Marielle invites anyone who is curious about getting involved in either a technical or performance capacity to reach out to her at You can also reach out to us at!

For information on auditions, go to the audition page.
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